Markentry is peer-to-peer city engagement dashboard for tech startups, where city partners campaign for foreign tech startups in their cities around the world exclusively, and gain a part of the city profit. Startups and potential city partners join for free.

Skill Development

Your players will never have to wonder how to practice again. EVER!


We Help Make Dreams Come True


Veryfy provides you with a single platform to control every process in your organisation through a clever document-centric workflow oversight system that also defends your external image by extending beyond your four walls.

The Chrons

Get the exact step by step strategy to confidently grow your audience on Instagram and turn your followers into paying customers without feeling overwhelmed.

Stemar Shoes

A collection that shows a style inspired by the fusion between spirit of adventure and art of the handmade. Every single shoe combines materials, talent and emotions.

Bully Stick Shoppe

Bully Sticks are a fibrous bull muscle that is cleaned thoroughly and stretched or twisted into shape. It is then dried in the sun or baked in an oven. The result is a 30 to 40 inch golden brown treat, which is cut down to appropriate sizes – such as 6 inches and 12 inches bully sticks – so that it is safe and easily digestible for dogs and a select few adventurous cats.